When a Tree Decides to Bloom

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin


Having waited so long,

keeping the core of who they are secret

beneath the layers of hardened bark,

some trees take the risk to bloom.

Other trees never bloom; the process is too frightening for them.

Those trees decide to stay with the color they know best:

safe green.


When a tree decides to bloom,

it must wait

for the right season,

unsure of what combination of elements will provide

the coaxing of color.

There is the vigil for the birth pangs

that encourage the release of truth,

the intimidating moment that the tree has dreamed of and dreaded for many rings.


When a tree decides to bloom,

it must forget the blooms of other trees.

It must not focus on which people will judge its flowers to be lovely,

which blooms will grow to fruit,

or which limbs will be pruned

because these are the thoughts that make trees barren,

and blooming requires all thought and feeling

when a tree decides to bloom.


When a tree decides to bloom,

it must be certain its roots are firmly

planted in what was

and that its arms are strong and stretched out in praise to what will be,

knowing that the wind could blow every petal to futile memory.

There must be something to root into,

something to nourish.

And most of all, there must be Light.





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