Final Exam

Final Exam


This is your final assignment.

You must complete each lesson before you move on to the next.

You will need a number 2 pencil, a lighter, and four sheets of paper.


Lesson 1


Turn your first piece of paper horizontally so that it is in landscape position.

Fold the left side so that it meets the middle.

Fold the right side so that it meets the middle.

The two folds should create three distinct areas.

All areas are part of the paper, but each area is created by the folds.

Notice the similarities between the folded piece of paper and the

body, soul, and spirit of a human being.

Examine how each area blends in to the next.

Take a moment and note how the creases make a three-in-one creation.

Each section affects the section next to it, but each section remains distinct.

Set the paper to the side and refer to it as needed throughout the assignment.


Lesson 2


Fold your second piece of paper into an airplane.

There is no one way to do this.

You may choose to be as creative as you wish.

Throw the paper into the air in an attempt to make it fly.

Notice how far the paper navigates the air.

Examine the trajectory of the paper as it lands.

This is caused by the limited time the paper has in the air dependent on the structure of the plane.

Notice how the paper is much like the dreams of a human being

in the way that it soars, but eventually falls dependent on the structure of the dreams.

Set the paper to the side.  You may modify it later, but never, never crumple it and throw it away.

It is too precious.


Lesson 3


Using the number two pencil, write on the third piece of paper

all the people who have offended you—the adulterous

gossipers, mouths filled with lies,

anxiously managing their business from towers of control,

those who have borne false witness against you sending you into exile, whispering

without confrontation.

You may use both sides of the paper.

Please adjust your print size to the number of times you are recalling.

Notice how your chest feels when you recall each incident.

Examine what may have caused each violation of trust.

Light the paper with the lighter.

Note how quickly the paper burns in contrast to the conflicts recalled.

The only product of this lesson should be ashes.

Do not keep them.

Let them fly away like so many hungry vultures.

Notice how light you feel.


These are the three lessons you must learn.

Do not be concerned if you do not remember them.

You will repeat them moment by moment

Year after year

and teach them to your children.


On the fourth piece of paper,

write my number.

Call me if you find an easier way.



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